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Best Selling App Developers

Isoperla make chart topping, high quality native apps for iOS and Android. Right now one of our apps will be No. 1, or thereabouts, in at least one app store major market and at least one category. We can say this with confidence as it has been the case since 2012.

We created Bird Song Id, one of the world's top selling mobile reference apps. This app identifies bird species from songs picked out of the air using the device microphone, like Shazam for birds. It was the first of its kind in the world, The Times Newspaper called it an 'astonishingly sophisticated piece of software'.

Our Clients

We make products for other people too. Isoperla work with companies, academic institutions, charities and individual entrepreneurs.

3M Roche eMed Fusion Zuant Torpedo Sunbird ARC ZapMap ATEM ThrillPic Badoo
3M Roche eMed Fusion Zuant Torpedo Sunbird ARC ZapMap ATEM ThrillPic Badoo
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  • Roche
  • eMed
  • Zuant
  • Torpedo
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  • ARC
  • ZapMap
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  • Badoo

Our Process

We keep things simple and agile, breaking projects down into weekly sprints. We agree with a client what is contained in a sprint before it starts. At the end of each sprint we deliver a working prototype. The client reviews the prototype and providing all is good we move on to the next sprint.

Native app development for Apple iOS Agile app development sprint Native app development for Android

Our Expertise

We have a comprehensive understanding of the technologies underpinning Apple and Google mobile platforms, and use a blend of agile and traditional techniques to build robust well architected software. We have our own highly functional application framework which supports seamless server integration, data synchronisation, mapping, geolocation and custom user interface controls.

Bath Spa University Innovation Award Bath Spa University App developers based in Somerset, near Bristol, Bath and Exeter. South-West England, UK. Bath University Bath University Innovation Award

About Us

Isoperla are based in Weston-super-mare in the South-West of England (UK) giving us excellent access to the tech hubs of Bristol, Bath and Exeter. The company was formed in 2007 after receiving a regional innovation award in association with Bath Spa University and Bath University's Ventures Innovation Centre. The award was to help develop a new generation of software for mobile devices. Since then we have become an international collaborative network of software engineers, content providers, image specialists, graphics designers and translators.


Form Maker

Form Maker is our business form builder for mobile devices

Form Maker is very popular in the U.S. market and is regularly in the top 10 Business Apps.

Form Maker on iTunes

It is used for Surveys, Trade shows, Exhibitions, Customer feedback, Stock display, Presentations, HR, Real Estate, Data entry, Invoices, Purchase Orders etc. Anything you need your own custom form for.

No programming is needed. No subscription charges made. There are no in-app purchases or adverts. Just get the app and start creating your forms.

Mobile 360° Video

We make 360° mobile video players for Thrillpic.

The underlying 360° component library is coded in C++ for maximum speed and efficiency and gives a full immersive 360° experience. The library runs on both iOS and Android. If you want to know more about 360° video components we can put you in touch with Thrillpic.

Mobile Mapping

We create apps for people with a need for dynamic maps.

The problem with maps on mobile devices is that once the density of map points goes beyond a certain point the map becomes sluggish. We address this by dropping in points on the fly as a user drills down into an area of the map.

Automatic Recognition

Isoperla led the development of automatic recognition of wildlife using quantitative statistics and machine learning.

Wild Flower Id has automatic recognition of flowers from user photographs. We have over 10 years experience in this area and lead a dynamic team in delivering robust products to hundreds of thousands of customers.

Top selling apps in the Apple iOS charts

Technical Development

We tend to work at the technical end of software engineering. Functions such as audio, visual or facial recognition need code that is close to the machine, as does 360° video .

Programming in C

Many times this means using C or C++ which has the added advantage of running on both iOS and Android. We also use Swift, Objective-C and Java of course for more every day functions.

Programming in R statistical package

We often model quantitative statistical methods using R before implementing. Modelling helps us choose the right method and test it rigorously before committing it to code.

Server side processing using php apache sql databases

We create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to back end servers and repositories, typically using Apache, PHP and SQL databases, but we use other architectures too.